One World, One Service

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Professional customer service

Professional venue services:exclusive cabinet VIP service area, exclusive warehouse area, equipment debugging area, intelligent office area, multifunctional meeting room

Personalized customization services:cabinet security upgrades, personalized service deployment, cabinet power upgrades, private customized delivery services

Rich resource services:high-level data center services, professional operation and maintenance technical services, high-standard delivery services, and high-quality network services.

Efficient operation and maintenance services:intelligent inspection, standardized operation and maintenance, precise asset management, and efficient response services

Expert team service:safety medical examination services, solutions, technical consultation and services


Data Center Service

Quickly respond to customer needs and ensure that customer projects are delivered on time and with quality.

Network operations

Grasp the quality of network delivery, respond to and deal with network failures in a timely manner.

Facility operation and maintenance

All-weather facility operation and maintenance on duty and regular inspections to ensure the safe operation of the facility.

Customer Service

Coordinate with all customers, coordinate internal resources, and quickly respond to customer needs and problems.