Doing extraordinary things

with outstanding people

Cloudbase Life

Open working atmosphere

Pragmatic and equal working atmosphere

Not be restricted by title and level, dare to authorize newcomers, focus on accomplishing business goals, and develop under the cloud without ceiling

Efficient and open office environment

Open plan office, real-time discussion, let the collision of inspiration not be restricted by space

Encourage diversity and embrace cultural diversity

Create a diverse and compatible environment for students of different personalities, ages, cultures and professional backgrounds

Pay attention to the growth of each member in Cloudbase

Cloudbase has a relatively complete career development system, fully close to the positioning of young employees in pursuit of self-development, provide employees with targeted and differentiated training programs, focus on talent development, establish leadership training programs, research and develop new employee training programs, and sales elite training Projects, professional and technical personnel training projects, etc.

Caring for your life in all directions

Perfect commercial insurance system to guard your progress

Five social insurance and housing provident fund with commercial supplementary insurance can provide you with the most practical and secure guarantee


We keep in mind every day we celebrate by providing birthday surprise gift box, holiday celebration gift box ,61 International Children's Day parent-child gift bag, new employee entry gift, etc

Diversified health care helps you work and live better

Free gym and recreation center, annual body check. Enjoy healthy life together

Building together

Create the future together

In Cloudbase, every employee plays an important role in creating more valuable connections, and we are proud to provide many opportunities to develop the professional skills and knowledge of people under the cloud.


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